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Duke x Cherry

Duke and Cherry are expecting a litter of F1 Miniature Aussiedoodles that should be born by the end of August/beginning of September and have a go-home-date estimated for the end of October/beginning of November. This will be a medium size litter (15-35 pounds) with a low shedding coat, lots of energy and playful personalities. Duke (dad) is a 15" tall, 15 pound AKC/CKC red Miniature Poodle. Cherry (mom) is an 18" tall, 38 pound ASDR/CKC red merle miniature Australian Shepherd. Both parents have been health tested and are clear of any breed relevant conditions.

The puppies come with CKC registration, shots and dewormer up to date, vet check, microchip, one-year health guarantee and a puppy go home kit that includes all the paperwork mentioned above, some toys, chewables, vitamins and puppy food.

Merle color dogs will be priced at $2500 and solid color dogs will be priced at $1500. I have different payment options as well as interest free financing thru PayPal (you do need a decent credit score to qualify). 

We are currently taking names for our Waiting List, there is a $100 reservation fee to join, which will go towards the total price of the puppy. The waiting list works on a first come first served basis, the first person on the list gets first pick. If I don't have the specific puppy you were looking for I have some options for you: 

1. You can choose a different puppy from the same litter.

2. You can pick a puppy from a different litter (if I have another litter on the ground) or

3. You can wait for another litter to be born (I'm planning 2 more litters this year)

I will work with you and will do my best to match you with the perfect puppy for your family, taking into consideration your lifestyle, the puppy's personality, energy level and physical appearance. 


After the puppies are born, I will start calling names on the waiting list and you will be given the opportunity to pick the puppy of your choosing and move on to the next step which would be placing a $400 deposit. This deposit is non refundable because once you put that deposit down you are committing to adopting the puppy and I, on the other hand, am committing to transfer ownership of said puppy to you, we both sign a contract and the puppy is taken off the market.

I will do my best to keep you updated with pictures and videos until pick up day when the remaining balance is due. I have shipped dogs all over the country at very reasonable prices via flight nanny and ground transportation, so please ask me about delivery if you live in a different state. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

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