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Guardian Home 

In order to follow responsible breeding guidelines and to be able to give our breeding dogs the best life they can possibly have, it is important to limit how many dogs we can have on the ground. The Guardian Home program allows us to expand our breeding program by placing some of our dogs in a safe and loving environment with qualified families that will give them one on one attention and make them a part of their families.

Guardian homes make a huge, positive impact in the lives of our breeding dogs by giving them a permanent home before they retire.

Please note that Guardian Homes never raise puppies. Puppies are born at Sandy Creek Kennels and the guardian dog will stay with us until the puppies are weaned, then they return to their Guardian Homes.

In order to be considered as a Guardian Home, you must live within 90 minutes of Dunn NC (zip code 28334) and be flexible to work with us when is time for the dog to be bred, which will be once a year from the time the dog reaches maturity for a 4 year period.

As a Guardian Home you will get a top quality dog completely free of charge. This is a great program for families that are looking for a specific dog breed but simply cannot afford one.

If you would like to learn more about our program and to apply, please fill out a Puppy Application form and let us know that you are applying to be a Guardian Home.


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